model.phrase groups elements which can occur at the level of individual words or phrases. [1.3 The TEI Class System]
Moduletei — The TEI Infrastructure
Used by
Membersmodel.graphicLike [binaryObject formula graphic media] model.highlighted [model.emphLike [code distinct emph foreign gloss ident mentioned soCalled term title] model.hiLike [hi] ] model.lPart [caesura rhyme] [model.addressLike [address affiliation email] model.dateLike [date time] model.measureLike [depth dim geo height measure measureGrp num width] model.nameLike [model.nameLike.agent [name orgName persName] model.offsetLike [geogFeat offset] model.persNamePart [addName forename genName nameLink roleName surname] model.placeStateLike [model.placeNamePart [bloc country district geogName placeName region settlement] climate location population state terrain trait] idno lang rs] ] model.pPart.edit [model.pPart.editorial [abbr am choice ex expan subst] model.pPart.transcriptional [add app corr damage del handShift mod orig redo reg restore retrace sic supplied surplus unclear undo] ] model.pPart.msdesc [catchwords dimensions heraldry locus locusGrp material objectType origDate origPlace secFol signatures stamp watermark] model.phrase.xml [att gi tag val] model.ptrLike [ptr ref] model.ptrLike.form [oRef oVar pRef pVar] model.segLike [c cl m pc phr s seg w] model.specDescLike [specDesc specList]

This class of elements can occur only within larger elements of the class inter or chunk. In prose, this means these elements can occur within paragraphs, list items, lines of verse, etc.