teidata.version defines the range of attribute values which may be used to specify a TEI or Unicode version number.
Moduletei — The TEI Infrastructure
Used by
Content model
 <dataRef name="token"

<rng:define name="teidata.version">
 <rng:data type="token">
  <rng:param name="pattern">[\d]+(\.[\d]+){0,2}</rng:param>
teidata.version = token { pattern = "[\d]+(\.[\d]+){0,2}" }

The value of this attribute follows the pattern specified by the Unicode consortium for its version number (http://unicode.org/versions/). A version number contains digits and fullstop characters only. The first number supplied identifies the major version number. A second and third number, for minor and sub-minor version numbers, may also be supplied.