Education SIG

The goal of the TEI Special Interest Group on Education (formerly the Training SIG) is to support and encourage training and teaching of the TEI, at workshops, seminars, and at the university level by making available a variety of TEI-related resources.

The SIG runs a mailing list on this topic. To join, send a message to

The SIG also maintains a page on the TEI wiki.

A detailed Bibliography of Publications related to the Text Encoding Initiative has been prepared for the SIG.

For further resources currently available on the TEI site, please visit the Learn the TEI page.


The SIG met at the Annual TEI Members' Meeting in Ann Arbor, Michigan on 14 November 2009. The report can be found here.

The second meeting of the SIG was held at the Fourth Annual TEI Members' Meeting at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA, 23 October 2004. The report can be found here.

The SIG first met at the Third Annual TEI Members' Meeting in Nancy, France on 08 November 2003. The report can be found here.

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