TEI: Activities

The TEI Guidelines require constant maintenance, development, and promotion in order to remain useful. Improvements and additions to the standard are made continuously, in response to evolving technologies and the demands of the user community.

The TEI Consortium is governed by a Board of Directors which provides strategic direction and fiscal oversight, marketing, and coordinates fundraising and membership.

Technical development of the TEI Guidelines is organized and overseen by the TEI Technical Council. While the Council undertakes much of this technical work itself, it also convenes workgroups to address specific projects within a fixed time frame. Much of the TEI Technical Council’s work can be seen in the minutes of its meetings, the public archives of its mailing list, and the issues on the TEI’s GitHub site.

The TEI Consortium also awards the Rahtz Prize for TEI Ingenuity not more than once a year.

The success of the TEI depends upon the active participation of its community of members and users. Those involved in projects using the TEI Guidelines are strongly encouraged to subscribe to the TEI-L mailing list, and to make others aware of their work by registering it on the TEI projects page. The TEI also supports a number of loosely-organized Special Interest Groups (SIGs), which provide an opportunity for people with similar interests to collaborate and share ideas.

To find out about training-related activities, see the events calendar. To find out about activities specifically related to tool development, visit the Tools page.