TEI: Corpus of Patient Documents (CoPaDocs)

  • Host: University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
  • URLhttp://copadocs.de
  • Main language: German
  • TEI Encoding Guidelines used: P5 (2007-present)

General description: The Corpus of Patient Documents Project (CoPaDocs) is part of the junior research group Flexible Writers in Language History (2017-2022). We aim to create a TEI-compliant transcription of about 2,000 letters and other personal documents written by patients at German psychiatric hospitals in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The corpus will be made available online (open access). The transcriptions will be the basis for studies from the perspective of historical sociolinguistics and will also be of interest for medical and social historians.

Implementation description: TEI tagsets are used to indicate structural elements of the original texts and to record metadata. The oXygen add-on HisTEI is used to transcribe and annotate the text.

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Dr Markus Schiegg FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg Chair of German Linguistics Bismarckstr. 1 91054 Erlangen Germany Emailmarkus.schiegg@fau.de