Example: <classCode> (classification code)

These search results reproduce every example of the use of <classCode> in the Guidelines, including all localised and translated versions. In some cases, the examples have been drawn from discussion of other elements in the Guidelines and illustrating the use of <classCode> is not the main focus of the passage in question. In other cases, examples may be direct translations of each other, and hence identical from the perspective of their encoding.

2 The TEI Header

2.4.3 The Text Classification

<classCode scheme="http://www.udcc.org/udcsummary/php/index.php">005.756</classCode>


 <category xml:id="acprose">
  <catDesc>Academic prose</catDesc>
<!-- other categories here -->
<!-- ... -->
 <catRef target="#acprose"/>
 <classCode scheme="http://www.udcc.org">001.9</classCode>
 <keywords scheme="http://authorities.loc.gov">
   <item>End of the world</item>
   <item>History - philosophy</item>


 <category xml:id="zh-tw_chineseliterature">
<!-- 其他文類 -->
<!-- ... -->
 <catRef target="#zh-tw_chineseliterature"/>
 <classCode scheme="http://www.ncl.edu.tw/">820</classCode>
 <keywords scheme="http://authorities.loc.gov">


<classCode scheme="http://www.udc.org">410</classCode>


<classCode scheme="http://www.oclc.org/">801</classCode>
<bibl>classification Dewey</bibl>

2.7 Minimal and Recommended Headers

   <title>Common sense, a machine-readable transcript</title>
   <author>Paine, Thomas (1737-1809)</author>
    <resp>compiled by</resp>
    <name>Jon K Adams</name>
   <distributor>Oxford Text Archive.</distributor>
    <addrLine>Oxford University Computing Services,</addrLine>
    <addrLine>13 Banbury Road,</addrLine>
    <addrLine>Oxford OX2 6RB,</addrLine>
   <note>Brief notes on the text are in a
       supplementary file.</note>
     <editor>Foner, Philip S.</editor>
     <title>The collected writings of Thomas Paine</title>
      <pubPlace>New York</pubPlace>
      <publisher>Citadel Press</publisher>
   <p>Editorial notes in the Foner edition have not
       been reproduced. </p>
   <p>Blank lines and multiple blank spaces, including paragraph
       indents, have not been preserved. </p>
   <correction status="high"

    <p>The following errors
         in the Foner edition have been corrected:
      <item>p. 13 l. 7 cotemporaries contemporaries</item>
      <item>p. 28 l. 26 [comma] [period]</item>
      <item>p. 84 l. 4 kin kind</item>
      <item>p. 95 l. 1 stuggle struggle</item>
      <item>p. 101 l. 4 certainy certainty</item>
      <item>p. 167 l. 6 than that</item>
      <item>p. 209 l. 24 publshed published</item>
    <p>No normalization beyond that performed
         by Foner, if any. </p>
   <quotation marks="all">
    <p>All double quotation marks
         rendered with ", all single quotation marks with
         apostrophe. </p>
   <hyphenation eol="none">
    <p>Hyphenated words that appear at the
         end of the line in the Foner edition have been reformed.</p>
    <p>The values of <att>when-iso</att> on the <gi>time</gi>
         element always end in the format <val>HH:MM</val> or
    <val>HH</val>; i.e., seconds, fractions thereof, and time
         zone designators are not present.</p>
    <p>Compound proper names are marked. </p>
    <p>Dates are marked. </p>
    <p>Italics are recorded without interpretation. </p>
   <taxonomy xml:id="lcsh">
    <bibl>Library of Congress Subject Headings</bibl>
   <taxonomy xml:id="lc">
    <bibl>Library of Congress Classification</bibl>
   <language ident="enusage="100">English.</language>
   <keywords scheme="#lcsh">
    <term>Political science</term>
    <term>United States -- Politics and government —
         Revolution, 1775-1783</term>
   <classCode scheme="#lc">JC 177</classCode>
  <change when="1996-01-22who="#MSM"> finished proofreading </change>
  <change when="1995-10-30who="#LB"> finished proofreading </change>
  <change notBefore="1995-07-04who="#RG"> finished data entry at end of term </change>
  <change notAfter="1995-01-01who="#RG"> began data entry before New Year 1995 </change>

3 Elements Available in All TEI Documents Document Identifiers

<biblStruct type="patent"

   <orgName type="national">US</orgName>
  <idno type="docNumber">6885550</idno>
   <classCode scheme="http://www.uspto.gov/">B1</classCode>
   <date type="publicationDate"
April 26, 2005</date>
</biblStruct> Imprint, Size of a Document, and Reprint Information

<biblStruct type="patent"

   <orgName type="national">EP</orgName>
  <idno type="docNumber">1558513</idno>
   <classCode scheme="http://www.epo.org/">A1</classCode>
   <date type="publicationDate"

   <classCode scheme="http://www.epo.org/">B1</classCode>
   <date type="publicationDate"