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<place xml:id="greece">
  <desc>Greece's climate is divided into three well defined
   <desc>It features mild, wet winters and hot, dry
       summers. Temperatures rarely reach extremes, although snowfalls do
       occur occasionally even in <placeName>Athens</placeName>,
   <placeName>Cyclades</placeName> or <placeName>Crete</placeName>
       during the winter.</desc>
   <desc>It is found primarily in <placeName>
         Greece</placeName> (<placeName>Epirus</placeName>,
     <offset>Central</offset> Greece</placeName>,
     <offset>Western</offset> Macedonia</placeName> as well
       as central parts of <placeName>Peloponnesus</placeName> like
   <placeName>Achaea</placeName>, <placeName>Arcadia</placeName> and
       parts of <placeName>Laconia</placeName> where the Alpine range pass
   <desc>It is found in <placeName>
     <offset>Central</offset> and
    <offset>Eastern</offset> Macedonia</placeName> as well as in
   <placeName>Thrace</placeName> at places like
   <placeName>Komotini</placeName>, <placeName>Xanthi</placeName> and
     <offset>northern</offset> Evros</placeName>. It features
       cold, damp winters and hot, dry summers.</desc>


<place xml:id="ROMA">
<!-- ... -->
    <head>24-hr Average Temperature</head>
     <cell role="label">Jan</cell>
     <cell role="label">Jun</cell>
     <cell role="label">Dec</cell>
     <cell role="label">°C</cell>
     <cell role="data">7.1</cell>
     <cell role="data">21.7</cell>
     <cell role="data">8.3</cell>
     <cell role="label">°F</cell>
     <cell role="data">44.8</cell>
     <cell role="data">71.1</cell>
     <cell role="data">46.9</cell>
  <note>Taken from <bibl>
    <abbr>GHCN 2 Beta</abbr>: The Global Historical Climatology Network,
       version 2 beta, 1904 months between 1811 and 1980. <ptr target="http://www.worldclimate.com/cgi-bin/data.pl?ref=N41E012+1202+0004058G2"/>