att.deprecated provides attributes indicating how a deprecated feature will be treated in future releases.
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Membriatt.combinable [att.identified [attDef classSpec constraintSpec dataSpec elementSpec macroSpec moduleSpec paramSpec schemaSpec] valDesc valItem valList] defaultVal
validUntilprovides a date before which the construct being defined will not be removed.
Stato Opzionale
Tipo di dati date

<sch:rule context="tei:*[@validUntil]">
<sch:assert test="@validUntil cast as xs:date ge current-date()">
 <sch:value-of select="if (@ident) then concat('The ',@ident) else concat('This ',local-name(.),' of ',ancestor::tei:*[@ident][1]/@ident)"/>
construct is outdated (as of <sch:value-of select="@validUntil"/>); ODD processors may ignore it, and its use is no longer supported</sch:assert>
<sch:assert role="nonfatal"
 test="@validUntil cast as xs:date ge (current-date() + (60*xs:dayTimeDuration('P1D')))">

 <sch:value-of select="if (@ident) then concat('The ',@ident) else concat('This ',local-name(.),' of ',ancestor::tei:*[@ident][1]/@ident)"/> construct becomes outdated on <sch:value-of select="@validUntil"/>