att.datable.w3c 提供用於元素規格化的屬性,這些元素包含以W3C datatypes所定義的日期明確之事件。 [3.5.4 Dates and Times 13.3.6 Dates and Times]
組件tei — The TEI Infrastructure
成員att.datable [acquisition affiliation age application binding birth bloc change climate country creation custEvent date death district education event faith floruit geogFeat geogName idno langKnowledge langKnown licence location name nationality occupation offset orgName origDate origPlace origin persName placeName population precision provenance region relation residence resp seal settlement sex socecStatus stamp state terrain time title trait]
whensupplies the value of the date or time in a standard form, e.g. yyyy-mm-dd.
狀態 非必備的
資料類型 teidata.temporal.w3c

Examples of W3C date, time, and date & time formats.

 <date when="1945-10-24">24 Oct 45</date>
 <date when="1996-09-24T07:25:00Z">September 24th, 1996 at 3:25 in the morning</date>
 <time when="1999-01-04T20:42:00-05:00">Jan 4 1999 at 8 pm</time>
 <time when="14:12:38">fourteen twelve and 38 seconds</time>
 <date when="1962-10">October of 1962</date>
 <date when="--06-12">June 12th</date>
 <date when="---01">the first of the month</date>
 <date when="--08">August</date>
 <date when="2006">MMVI</date>
 <date when="0056">AD 56</date>
 <date when="-0056">56 BC</date>
This list begins in
the year 1632, more precisely on Trinity Sunday, i.e. the Sunday after
Pentecost, in that year the
<date calendar="#julianwhen="1632-06-06">27th of May (old style)</date>.
  <placeName>Dorchester, Village,</placeName>
  <date when="1828-03-02">March 2d. 1828.</date>
   Mrs. Cornell,</salute> Sunday <time when="12:00:00">noon.</time>
狀態 非必備的
資料類型 teidata.temporal.w3c
狀態 非必備的
資料類型 teidata.temporal.w3c
狀態 非必備的
資料類型 teidata.temporal.w3c
狀態 非必備的
資料類型 teidata.temporal.w3c

<sch:rule context="tei:*[@when]">
<sch:report test="@notBefore|@notAfter|@from|@to"
The @when attribute cannot be used with any other att.datable.w3c attributes.</sch:report>

<sch:rule context="tei:*[@from]">
<sch:report test="@notBefore"
The @from and @notBefore attributes cannot be used together.</sch:report>

<sch:rule context="tei:*[@to]">
<sch:report test="@notAfter"
The @to and @notAfter attributes cannot be used together.</sch:report>
<date from="1863-05-28to="1863-06-01">28 May through 1 June 1863</date>