TEI: Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

TEI Special Interest Groups (SIGs) provide an opportunity for TEI enthusiasts with similar interests to meet and exchange ideas. The TEI provides each SIG with web space, wiki space, a mailing list, and opportunities to meet at the annual conference and members’ meeting. SIG activity might lead to any number of outputs, including training courses or documentation, proposals for extension or modification to the Guidelines, etc., no particular outcomes are required or expected. All SIGs are open to the public.

Anyone with an idea for a fresh area of activity or collaboration is invited to propose a new SIG. See the SIG rules page for details.

Currently Active SIGs

Dormant SIGs

SIG Activities

The SIG convenors met at the TEI Annual Conference and Members Meeting in Ann Arbor on 14 November 2009. Minutes are available here.